“Learn to program and program to learn.”

IT in Teaching Award

The IT in Teaching Award (ITTA) is an annual award that recognises primary and secondary school teachers who have designed and put in place the best pedagogical initiatives that use or teach computer science or ICT. This prize is currently reserved to teachers from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (WBF).


Nowadays, computer science, or more broadly ICT, is present everywhere, in particular in education. It is both used as a support tool for teaching and as a teaching subject. To obtain this prize, candidates must go through three stages:

  1. All candidates must first write and submit a brief application form describing the pedagogical initiative that they want to put forward;
  2. Five candidates are nominated and invited to come and defend orally their initiative at the “ICT in education” conference, in front of a Jury and an audience where other teachers, school directors, educational researchers, etc. are invited.
  3. The best nominee selected by the Jury and the best selected by the public leave with a prize.


The Jury of the 2020 edition is not known yet.

Current call

No call in progress.