“Learn to program and program to learn.”


Why becoming a member of CSITEd? The main reason is to give you the opportunity to join a large network made up of secondary school pupils and teachers, computer science students, educational researchers and other actors involved in computer science education.

As a member, you will have access to the member area of our website and you will be kept informed about the activities of the association in preview and will therefore not miss anything! Membership also allows you to benefit from discounts for paid events organised by the association. Finally, being a member will also give you access to the future magazine exclusively reserved for members.

Membership fee

The amount of the annual subscription for natural persons amounts to (2019 prices) :

The amount of the annual subscription for legal entities amounts to 500 € (2019 prices).

The membership fee is halved for new members. The membership fee confers the status of affiliated member until December 31, 2019. An registration made after June 1, 2019 also entitles you a 50% discount on the membership fee.


To become a member, simply send an email to members@csited.be, with you first and last name, the category you belong to, as well as a proof of membership if applicable (such as a school attendance certificate, a student card or a teacher card, for example).