“Learn to program and program to learn.”

Past events

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This page gathers all the events, organised by CSITEd, which took place during the year 2019.

Bebras Belgium Challenge 2019

This event is a unique, stimulating and fun competition, inspired by the Bebras contest dedicated to end of primary and secondary school pupils. This challenge is obviously opened to secondary school pupils, but also to IT students and IT professionals. What better way than to become the Belgian champion of problem solving, behind which an IT concept is hiding every time.

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Computer Science Day 2019

This day of discovery of computer science in all its shapes will teach you many aspects of computer science as a science, which are probably unknown to you. You will have the opportunity to take part to a unique IT Escape Game. You will also be able to challenge yourself with questions from the Bebras contest . Finally, you can discover new things through demonstrations and share things with other people during the conference.

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Technology training

During a whole week, you will get the opportunity to discover a modern technology and to get a training given by experts in the field. You will receive theoretical bases, you will directly get the hands-on by making mini-projects, all in a fun way. You can choose between four introductory trainings: visual programming with Scratch, textual programming with Python, Arduino electronic board programming, and 3D modelling and printing.

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