“Learn to program and program to learn.”

Bebras contest

Bebras is a contest whose goal is to make its participants aware of informatics as a science. This contest, mainly targeted to pupils in secondary schools, takes place in schools during one week in fall. It is an international contest already organised in more than 60 countries around the world. It is organised since 2012 in Belgium thanks to our association. Since then, it already attracted 13403 belgian pupils from primary and secondary schools.

This contest allows young people to discover and have a better understanding of what is computer science, and to show that it is everywhere in everyday life. It is also intended to make them want to know more about this field. The contest aims at increasing the general knowledge of its participants and to teach them more specific notions of computer science, showing them that this field is captivating and diverse.

Since 2015, the Computer Science and IT in Education NPO is a member of the International Bebras Committee (IBC). It represents Belgium on this international committee that manages the Bebras project. Also, since 2019, Sébastien Combéfis is a member of the standing committee that manages the Bebras tasks.

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Bebras Recueil de questions 2012 Bebras Recueil de questions 2013